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IIM Ahmedabad: First Impressions

First day at IIMA, and I was greeted with open arms, a welcome and two statements – two rules that have been hammered into our heads n-number of times  by professsors, mentors, GSecs, Dorm seniors … You CAN NOT be late at IIM A – in here, “before  8:00 AM” means “7:59:59 AM” And they … Continue reading

On learning the guitar

It’s been a while since I picked up my first guitar, and after all the calloused fingers, irritating (to others) practice sessions, tone deafness and jamming I feel worthy of being called a decent guitarist, well, almost. Every learning curve has a stage where you are – “nearly there, just a few steps behind” or … Continue reading

Of Moths and Flies

I was reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding the other day and in the end the protagonist (a 12 year old boy) weeps at the end of innocence – the growing-up of the child and the realization that a harsh reality waits for him on the other side. Now having come out of … Continue reading

It’s time for action

The Mumbai Blasts have certainly left us all shaken – there seems to be no stopping such “calamities” and the current infrastructure and systems in place are obviously inadequate to counter them – be it the recent blasts, the 26/11 attacks or even the 26/7 Mumbai floods. It is really convenient to tweet about how … Continue reading

It’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Role Models

As I mentioned before, I met with a lot of inspiring people during the Yatra. Jagriti Yatra had its own list of “Role Models” –  All of them exceptional people who have been there, done that and achieved substantial success. My list however, differs a little. I mention below, “My Role Models”. – R Elango … Continue reading