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Hungry in New York

I write this as I gulp down the last piece of my tandoori roti with paneer-do-pyaaza for the nth time this semester. It’s strange how despite all the different food options available in India, I can’t help but pine for the variety I had back on exchange. If someone wanted a truly diverse set of … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: turnaround

In a few hours I’ll be on a plane back to India, probably peering through a similar view from the window and thinking about the past four months… If I think about it, there’s so much that happened and that I experienced in this time, yet, it all seems like a blur!

APAD #NJ: The City of Blinding Lights

..Atlantic City! I was never a fan of all these flashy Neon Signs, but I need to give it to AC – that place is pretty awesome, even during an off-season! And the casino – the casino is a living example of behavioural economics in action! In (what statistics would recommend is) a rare event, … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: The well..wet underground

Punny rock-band references aside, the ‘wet underground’ in this case refers to the now-popular, yet, barely-accessible and rarely-visited¬†tunnels! <Trivia: Columbia university buildings are connected by a series of underground tunnels, which, over the years have been used as nuclear shelters, transport passages for scientists working on the Manhattan project, for heating systems and pipes, transporting … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Let’s go Nets!

First NBA game. The Amazing Barclays Center. Awesome company. A close finish. Could this get any better?*  *to answer my own rhetorical question, The Brooklyn Nets could have won..that would have been awesome

APAD #NYC: Mind = \m/ Really Blown \m/

WWIT (abbr.) – What was I thinking? WWIT #1: Coming to New York and almost skipping a Broadway show, since it’s too mainstream WWIT #2: Almost choosing Phantom of the Opera over Rock of Ages WWIT #3: Having such low standards for getting my mind blown Thankfully, good sense prevailed and I spent a fortune … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Substance Abuse

I was going through some old archives of BWOG, when I came across a post titled ‘The Senior Bucket list’ – with less than two weeks left here, this immediately caught my eye. Along with the usual thins, there was an odd looking item on the link – ‘eat a spicy special’ On further digging, … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Molten & Precipitate

joy (n.) /joi/ (Also see: happiness) 1. A feeling of great pleasure of happiness 2. A Camera on a Snowy day in New York 3. Molten Cheese & Ketchup over Fries…lots of them