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Management Consulting: First Impressions

So it’s been a little more than a month (my internship, not counted) since I started with my first project – perfect time to build first impressions! On the one hand, it’s a jungle out here. With so much happening every minute you can’t help but feel that you’re running just to stay in the … Continue reading

More power for your Electric Car

More power for your Electric Car

Originally posted on Consult Club @ IIMA:
  The Electric Car is hardly a new invention. In fact, they were very popular in the 1920s when Internal Combustion (IC) Engines suffered from drawbacks like excessive noise, vibration and the high cost of fuel. However, they left the limelight after the rise in popularity of IC engines…

Odd Pieces

Originally posted on rothinzil:
Sometimes I think I’m living in a miniature forest. At sunset, every winged creature within hearing distance goes into a frenzy. Outside the library, a large flock of some kind of small winged bird wheels and turns again and again, emitting shrill, confused cries. On the treetops, crows strike up their…

Originally posted on Consult Club @ IIMA:
As India aspires to establish itself as a global economic power, ensuring the health and well-being of its citizens is a crucial need. With this end in mind, what India needs right now is health care system which is not just comprehensive and accessible but also cost-efficient and scalable.…

Originally posted on Consult Club @ IIMA:
After a spectacular surge in the mobile phone segment, the Indian information technology (IT) sector is witnessing a new trend – the rise of the Tablet Computer. Tablet computers or simply, Tablets, are touch-screen operated mobile computing devices without a physical keyboard. Tablet sales have recorded a robust growth…

Originally posted on Consult Club @ IIMA:
When you think of card payments what typically comes to mind is Customer to Business (C2B) payments – for dinner at your favourite restaurant, at Point of Sale (POS) terminals at your nearest Mall or at that E-Commerce sites that you now buy everything from. However, Jack Dorsey, Twitter…

Originally posted on BA Expat:
We’ve all heard stories about the workaholic corporate-type with no personal life, or the driven entrepreneur with a singular focus on business. But in reality, there’s a lot we can learn from the business world – ideas, practices, and philosophies that can be applied to lead an easier, more fulfilling, and…

Just Kidding

  Have a look at the first part of the cartoon. Remember how as a kid you used to hate going to sleep! You wanted just 5 more minutes. The time you got to be awake never seemed to be enough. Sleep seemed to be an unnecessary interruption in you play. And now you just … Continue reading