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On blogs that inspire

It happens quite often, that you happen to be in the middle of something really amazing – but in the race to stay in there, you forget this fact – this feeling of being a part of this amazing thing – and the rare occasion when the realization hits, you feel guilty for having lived … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Time-sink

So I have just one final paper left for Entrepreneurial Selling – a day’s work. I could finish it in less than a day and chill for the remainder of my time here… So obviously, I procrastinated  😛 Procrastination tool #1: CBS Follies! I could literally spend a whole day watching ALL follies videos that … Continue reading

IIM Ahmedabad Lesson #1: Priority

Before most students jump to apply accounting formulae or decision making trees of even statistical models as a conditioned response, we need to step back – the problem is not optimization – it is PRIORITIZATION! Slot 4 is finally here, and it has brought ample time to ponder about life, the universe and everything …and … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIM A

This article was originally written for this blog. A slightly modified version was later posted on IIMA’s Official Blog  It is true what they say about the institute – Grades, Social Life, Sleep – choose 2 /3…. to demonstrate what happens when you try to get all three, let me post about the past 24 … Continue reading

On Writing..

I realised, i Can’t write! I can either think in bullet points,Or type what’s on my mind without pausing to think writing and reviewing and rewriting and editing is not for me!

It’s time for action

The Mumbai Blasts have certainly left us all shaken – there seems to be no stopping such “calamities” and the current infrastructure and systems in place are obviously inadequate to counter them – be it the recent blasts, the 26/11 attacks or even the 26/7 Mumbai floods. It is really convenient to tweet about how … Continue reading

My Experiments with Social Media

One thing that can really break a blogger is lack of audience (I realise this from my 6 post long blogging career!) So (s)he is always on the lookout for ways to publicise his blog – ways to be heard. I tried a few things myself , with social media – my favourite class of … Continue reading