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On learning the guitar

It’s been a while since I picked up my first guitar, and after all the calloused fingers, irritating (to others) practice sessions, tone deafness and jamming I feel worthy of being called a decent guitarist, well, almost. Every learning curve has a stage where you are – “nearly there, just a few steps behind” or … Continue reading

To Sit and Stare

I always thought of myself as a “walker” – Someone who needs to move, work, do something to be satisfied! But the Himalayas proved me wrong – Lying on dry grass with the mellow sun hitting me, Sitting on a rock and listening to the sound of water flowing nearby, Watching ravens take flight from … Continue reading

Just Kidding

  Have a look at the first part of the cartoon. Remember how as a kid you used to hate going to sleep! You wanted just 5 more minutes. The time you got to be awake never seemed to be enough. Sleep seemed to be an unnecessary interruption in you play. And now you just … Continue reading