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Mafia Online (Classic)

No, this is not the Mafia Wars you’ve played (or haven’t!) on FB – This is the REAL THING – only this time, it’s virtual 🙂   It all started with a group chat involving a couple of die-hard Mafia fans now scattered all over the country, with the obvious constraints of space and time, … Continue reading

Facebook :: Innovation

I was discussing the Facebook (fb) timeline with my sister, when she said “fb is getting really boring…It needs to really bring something new quickly, I am losing interest” … and I am sure there are more people like her who feel fb needs to do something radically new or it won’t be able to … Continue reading

Why Facebook will NEVER have a “Dislike” button

There has been much speculation, scam and persuasion for Facebook to have a “Dislike” button to complement the very popular (and now indispensable) “Like” feature. Facebook itself boasts of 3,309,750 “Likes” for the “Dislike Button” Page. Facebook has consistently maintained silence on this issue and we haven’t heard of the possibility of a “Dislike” button … Continue reading


Last week a Freshie Suffering from Dengue needed 5 units of O +/- blood to survive. The entire institute put up a united effort to help find this rare blood group. GTalk status messages were full of requests for help, facebook messages did the same, a lot of tweeting happened regarding the need. The Spreadsheet … Continue reading