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IIM Ahmedabad: Reflections

So, 2 years at IIMA are now over, and 2 months hence, it is still taking me some time to let it all sink in. The place felt so much at home, that now when I sit at the window in my house, sipping my coffee and trying to reflect on the time gone by, … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIMA #2

I posted about my typical day during PGP1 some time back (although “there is no typical day at IIMA” is what the cliche suggests). It’s been a while after that and I’m almost nearing the end of my time here at this institute. Thought a post describing a day in PGP2 would be appropriate here … Continue reading

APAD #NJ: The City of Blinding Lights

..Atlantic City! I was never a fan of all these flashy Neon Signs, but I need to give it to AC – that place is pretty awesome, even during an off-season! And the casino – the casino is a living example of behavioural economics in action! In (what statistics would recommend is) a rare event, … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Adios, first years!

I had most of my classes and events with second year students at the Business School, I hardly got time to figure out how awesome the first years were! Well, that’s what parties are for 🙂

APAD #NYC: Let’s go Nets!

First NBA game. The Amazing Barclays Center. Awesome company. A close finish. Could this get any better?*  *to answer my own rhetorical question, The Brooklyn Nets could have won..that would have been awesome

APAD #NYC: Anybody can cook…

..especially ‘ratatouille’ It’s farewell time already (Mark left, Am’s leaving soon, so are most of the other people at the business school)..and what better way to spend the last few days than cook a nice little meal together! Of course, the fact that it was snowing outside made hanging indoors a more attractive proposition! (not … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Time-sink

So I have just one final paper left for Entrepreneurial Selling – a day’s work. I could finish it in less than a day and chill for the remainder of my time here… So obviously, I procrastinated  😛 Procrastination tool #1: CBS Follies! I could literally spend a whole day watching ALL follies videos that … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Molten & Precipitate

joy (n.) /joi/ (Also see: happiness) 1. A feeling of great pleasure of happiness 2. A Camera on a Snowy day in New York 3. Molten Cheese & Ketchup over Fries…lots of them