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APAD #NJ: The City of Blinding Lights

..Atlantic City! I was never a fan of all these flashy Neon Signs, but I need to give it to AC – that place is pretty awesome, even during an off-season! And the casino – the casino is a living example of behavioural economics in action! In (what statistics would recommend is) a rare event, … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Let’s go Nets!

First NBA game. The Amazing Barclays Center. Awesome company. A close finish. Could this get any better?*  *to answer my own rhetorical question, The Brooklyn Nets could have won..that would have been awesome

Mafia Online (Classic)

No, this is not the Mafia Wars you’ve played (or haven’t!) on FB – This is the REAL THING – only this time, it’s virtual 🙂   It all started with a group chat involving a couple of die-hard Mafia fans now scattered all over the country, with the obvious constraints of space and time, … Continue reading