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APAD #NYC: Mind = \m/ Really Blown \m/

WWIT (abbr.) – What was I thinking? WWIT #1: Coming to New York and almost skipping a Broadway show, since it’s too mainstream WWIT #2: Almost choosing Phantom of the Opera over Rock of Ages WWIT #3: Having such low standards for getting my mind blown Thankfully, good sense prevailed and I spent a fortune … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Mind = Blown

Just back from 4 hours of the most insane live music I have ever heard – again, at Rockwood Music Hall! Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues Rock, Funk Rock, Swing, Pop Rock – every kind! The highlights were David Luther and the Free Alternatives with some killer Rock ‘n’ Roll And the child prodigy Myles Mancuso … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: PostCrypt

I am in love with that place.. Went there a second time today and was greeted with some amazing music, again. The fact that so few people know about it puzzles me, but it is kinda nice – like a well-kept-secret! So I met this amazing guitarist – writes country songs for a couple of … Continue reading

On learning the guitar

It’s been a while since I picked up my first guitar, and after all the calloused fingers, irritating (to others) practice sessions, tone deafness and jamming I feel worthy of being called a decent guitarist, well, almost. Every learning curve has a stage where you are – “nearly there, just a few steps behind” or … Continue reading