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APAD #NYC: On a timebomb

I just realized that I have exactly one month left here in the Big Apple..and experience from the past couple of months suggests that it is going to fly by fast! Really Really fast! And as excited as I am to go back to family and friends, FOMO is definitely setting in – there are … Continue reading

The Currency of Business, is not Money?

I was reading the book ‘Never Eat Alone’ by Keith Ferrazzi the other day – it speaks about how relationships and networks are what make businesses and individuals successful. He has put a lot of interesting thoughts out there in the book, but one of them particularly struck me: Businesses run on the currency of … Continue reading

Decision Making under Uncertainty, in Life!

I had intended to write this post in my personal journal, as a reminder to myself, but I am publishing it with the hope that it will be useful to others too.. We have this course called Decision Making under Uncertainty (DMUU); which basically teaches you to look at the expected payoff from any decision, … Continue reading


Last week a Freshie Suffering from Dengue needed 5 units of O +/- blood to survive. The entire institute put up a united effort to help find this rare blood group. GTalk status messages were full of requests for help, facebook messages did the same, a lot of tweeting happened regarding the need. The Spreadsheet … Continue reading