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Mafia Online (Classic)

No, this is not the Mafia Wars you’ve played (or haven’t!) on FB – This is the REAL THING – only this time, it’s virtual 🙂   It all started with a group chat involving a couple of die-hard Mafia fans now scattered all over the country, with the obvious constraints of space and time, … Continue reading

It’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Role Models

As I mentioned before, I met with a lot of inspiring people during the Yatra. Jagriti Yatra had its own list of “Role Models” –  All of them exceptional people who have been there, done that and achieved substantial success. My list however, differs a little. I mention below, “My Role Models”. – R Elango … Continue reading

I’m Back, but Still There!

It’s been more than 24 hours since I bid goodbye to the train, the yatris, the organizers and the yatra itself, but the memories keep coming back to me – like images being flashed at me at tremendous speed. Jagriti Yatra 2010 has really been a memorable one for me. I have learned and unlearned … Continue reading

Finding India

2 days hence, I will be on a train with 399 others like me – people with a passion to explore the real India, understand it’s situation and tap it’s potential – people with a purpose : to Change India, to Change the World, to Change how the World views India The Jagriti Yatra – An initiative … Continue reading