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IIM Ahmedabad: Reflections

So, 2 years at IIMA are now over, and 2 months hence, it is still taking me some time to let it all sink in. The place felt so much at home, that now when I sit at the window in my house, sipping my coffee and trying to reflect on the time gone by, … Continue reading

A day in the life: IIMA #2

I posted about my typical day during PGP1 some time back (although “there is no typical day at IIMA” is what the cliche suggests). It’s been a while after that and I’m almost nearing the end of my time here at this institute. Thought a post describing a day in PGP2 would be appropriate here … Continue reading

Hungry in New York

I write this as I gulp down the last piece of my tandoori roti with paneer-do-pyaaza for the nth time this semester. It’s strange how despite all the different food options available in India, I can’t help but pine for the variety I had back on exchange. If someone wanted a truly diverse set of … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Mind = \m/ Really Blown \m/

WWIT (abbr.) – What was I thinking? WWIT #1: Coming to New York and almost skipping a Broadway show, since it’s too mainstream WWIT #2: Almost choosing Phantom of the Opera over Rock of Ages WWIT #3: Having such low standards for getting my mind blown Thankfully, good sense prevailed and I spent a fortune … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: The Owl

I guess everyone knows about Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom (for those who don’t, well, she’s the Greek goddess of wisdom). The Alma Mater statue near the steps of low library in the campus of Columbia University, is supposed to be a sculpture of the said goddess – it also happens to be … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Runner’s High

Within a week of starting at CBS, I joined the running club…and then forgot all about it – coz I never heard from them*.. ..till I received an email yesterday: Subj: Central Park run – Saturday, 9 AM The cold weather, tonnes of things to do and my innate laziness had gotten the better of … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: ..on the Eighth Night of Hanukkah

Deep fried Latkes, Sour Cream, homemade Apple Sauce, makeshift Sufganiyah and Pumpkin Pie Dreidels, Egyptian Wars and other games A Cardboard Menorah, sharing stories about Hanukkah, Oil and Herschelle & the Eight Goblins I like these festive times..can’t wait for Christmas!

APAD #NYC: On reflecting

The weather gods forgot what season it was yesterday, so they let the sun smile down on us in the afternoon. In other words, talking a walk through riverside park was not a life-threatening choice yesterday afternoon. And walk we did! Of course the river, the waves, the trees all make for a very reflective … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Thanksgiving & Hanukkah #2

What’s Thanksgivukkah without family & friends right? Well, I couldn’t be around family, but, over the two days, totally nailed the friends part 🙂 In a moment of intense culinary inspiration, I decided to join the festivities and cook a homestyle dinner. I was glad some of my closest friends here could make it – … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Thanksgiving & Hanukkah #1

Best Thanksgiving Ever! (Ok, I may have gotten carried away since this is my only one, but it was awesome by all standards) This is apparently the first time in 3000 years that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day (unverified) – I was lucky that a friend invited me over to celebrate it … Continue reading