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A day in the life: IIM A

This article was originally written for this blog. A slightly modified version was later posted on IIMA’s Official Blog  It is true what they say about the institute – Grades, Social Life, Sleep – choose 2 /3…. to demonstrate what happens when you try to get all three, let me post about the past 24 … Continue reading

Why Facebook will NEVER have a “Dislike” button

There has been much speculation, scam and persuasion for Facebook to have a “Dislike” button to complement the very popular (and now indispensable) “Like” feature. Facebook itself boasts of 3,309,750 “Likes” for the “Dislike Button” Page. Facebook has consistently maintained silence on this issue and we haven’t heard of the possibility of a “Dislike” button … Continue reading

What have you learnt from Gunda ?

Warning! This is meant only for a Gunda-watching audience! Any misunderstanding of the intended meaning is entirely a concern of the viewer. I had made this presentation as part of my project on Principles of Management These are just a few insights i could gain from the movie! The Holy Grail of intelligence that the … Continue reading

Get Followed!

I was working on a business idea based on twitter, which prompted me to make up a few strategies to increase the number of your followers. I’m sharing a few tips which might come in handy. Your bio speaks a lot about who you are – make it easy to understand yet catchy (try to … Continue reading