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Hungry in New York

I write this as I gulp down the last piece of my tandoori roti with paneer-do-pyaaza for the nth time this semester. It’s strange how despite all the different food options available in India, I can’t help but pine for the variety I had back on exchange. If someone wanted a truly diverse set of … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: turnaround

In a few hours I’ll be on a plane back to India, probably peering through a similar view from the window and thinking about the past four months… If I think about it, there’s so much that happened and that I experienced in this time, yet, it all seems like a blur!

APAD #NYC: Let’s go Nets!

First NBA game. The Amazing Barclays Center. Awesome company. A close finish. Could this get any better?*  *to answer my own rhetorical question, The Brooklyn Nets could have won..that would have been awesome

APAD #NYC: Anybody can cook…

..especially ‘ratatouille’ It’s farewell time already (Mark left, Am’s leaving soon, so are most of the other people at the business school)..and what better way to spend the last few days than cook a nice little meal together! Of course, the fact that it was snowing outside made hanging indoors a more attractive proposition! (not … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Mind = \m/ Really Blown \m/

WWIT (abbr.) – What was I thinking? WWIT #1: Coming to New York and almost skipping a Broadway show, since it’s too mainstream WWIT #2: Almost choosing Phantom of the Opera over Rock of Ages WWIT #3: Having such low standards for getting my mind blown Thankfully, good sense prevailed and I spent a fortune … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Substance Abuse

I was going through some old archives of BWOG, when I came across a post titled ‘The Senior Bucket list’ – with less than two weeks left here, this immediately caught my eye. Along with the usual thins, there was an odd looking item on the link – ‘eat a spicy special’ On further digging, … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Molten & Precipitate

joy (n.) /joi/ (Also see: happiness) 1. A feeling of great pleasure of happiness 2. A Camera on a Snowy day in New York 3. Molten Cheese & Ketchup over Fries…lots of them