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A day in the life: IIM A

This article was originally written for this blog. A slightly modified version was later posted on IIMA’s Official Blog  It is true what they say about the institute – Grades, Social Life, Sleep – choose 2 /3…. to demonstrate what happens when you try to get all three, let me post about the past 24 … Continue reading

Important and Urgent

I have always been a big fan of all these digital Task Managers and To-do lists. However, after downloading a dozen softwares for desktop to-do lists and sticky-notes, I was yet to find something that clicked! That is, till I saw a(nother) Randy Pausch video – This one, on Time Management! In that he suggests … Continue reading

There are no presentations, only stories

A lot of people wonder what went wrong with their presentation after it was delivered – “I had all the data, I had used a lot of graphics, the slide design was very good”..wonder why I could not capture the audience’s attention! The thing wrong with your presentation is that it is a presentation! If … Continue reading