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APAD #NYC: Mind = \m/ Really Blown \m/

WWIT (abbr.) – What was I thinking? WWIT #1: Coming to New York and almost skipping a Broadway show, since it’s too mainstream WWIT #2: Almost choosing Phantom of the Opera over Rock of Ages WWIT #3: Having such low standards for getting my mind blown Thankfully, good sense prevailed and I spent a fortune … Continue reading

APAD #CBS: Nerdy thing to do for the day #1

Crashing the Economics of Strategic behaviour lecture! It is taught by this famous Professor Bruce Greenwald – cane in hand, piercing eyes that can make you forget what you were saying, funny jokes and digs at CEOs of companies and Corp Fin profs followed by moments of intense insight, game-show host-like style of talking – … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Running Cold

So after 2 weeks of lazing around, I finally got myself to get out in the (bitter) cold for a jog! Awesome feeling! Reminded me of the Running sequence from Rocky (that’s my favourite sequence in the movie, closely followed by the epic egg-drinking scene) The fact that the Low Library in Columbia resembles the building … Continue reading

Of IITs and Attitudes

When I entered IIT Bombay as a freshman, I was welcomed by the sight of people wearing bright colored T-shirts with the following tagline: You say it’s attitude, we say it’s superiority – IIT Bombay This was too much “attitude” for me (even with my freshie AIR induced air), and I thought IIT transforms everyone … Continue reading

It’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Role Models

As I mentioned before, I met with a lot of inspiring people during the Yatra. Jagriti Yatra had its own list of “Role Models” –  All of them exceptional people who have been there, done that and achieved substantial success. My list however, differs a little. I mention below, “My Role Models”. – R Elango … Continue reading