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It’s time for action

The Mumbai Blasts have certainly left us all shaken – there seems to be no stopping such “calamities” and the current infrastructure and systems in place are obviously inadequate to counter them – be it the recent blasts, the 26/11 attacks or even the 26/7 Mumbai floods. It is really convenient to tweet about how … Continue reading

Why UrgentHelp did not work

for those who haven’t heard/read about the idea before:  the concept Sounds good doesn’t it? You send a message-> followers (good people) see it-> they help/ReTweet -> you eventually reach a lot of people in a very short while But as i said before, it didn’t work out….here’s why As a follower I will ReTweet … Continue reading

My Experiments with Social Media

One thing that can really break a blogger is lack of audience (I realise this from my 6 post long blogging career!) So (s)he is always on the lookout for ways to publicise his blog – ways to be heard. I tried a few things myself , with social media – my favourite class of … Continue reading


Last week a Freshie Suffering from Dengue needed 5 units of O +/- blood to survive. The entire institute put up a united effort to help find this rare blood group. GTalk status messages were full of requests for help, facebook messages did the same, a lot of tweeting happened regarding the need. The Spreadsheet … Continue reading

Get Followed!

I was working on a business idea based on twitter, which prompted me to make up a few strategies to increase the number of your followers. I’m sharing a few tips which might come in handy. Your bio speaks a lot about who you are – make it easy to understand yet catchy (try to … Continue reading