What is APAD?

APAD (abbr.) – A Picture A Day

Simply put, it is the result of my laziness in writing a full-blown post coupled with the need to talk about the tonnes of things that excite me

For those who are not into the whole brevity thing, here is an excerpt from the first post about APAD which cites a few more reasons why it was started:

  1. I am at NYC for a semester exchange at Columbia Business School and it is an awesome place to inspire such stuff!
  2. It is an easier way to keep friends/family updated about my ‘escapades’ (?) here
  3. Pictures speak a thousand words (approximately) and I don’t have the time or the requisite literary skills to actually write 1000 word descriptions
  4. There is generally a trade-off between enjoying the moment and capturing it – I normally choose the first – but this will make me achieve a balance between the two

Disclaimer:  I shall be using an iphone and extremely unsteady hands to shoot the pics

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