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On blogs that inspire

It happens quite often, that you happen to be in the middle of something really amazing – but in the race to stay in there, you forget this fact – this feeling of being a part of this amazing thing – and the rare occasion when the realization hits, you feel guilty for having lived … Continue reading

APAD #NYC: Taash!

Well, what better way to spend a Saturday evening than with old friends, playing cards and good food… and more good food..and then some! Ok, there may be tonnes of better ways, but this one wasn’t half bad either 🙂

APAD #NYC: The Beach Boys reunite

These IITB wingmates never met me in India even once after graduation – but the day I step on to foreign soil, they swoop in from all over the country and make an extremely memorable weekend (except for the fact that they made me eat tonnes and tonnes of Indian food during my first week … Continue reading

Of IITs and Attitudes

When I entered IIT Bombay as a freshman, I was welcomed by the sight of people wearing bright colored T-shirts with the following tagline: You say it’s attitude, we say it’s superiority – IIT Bombay This was too much “attitude” for me (even with my freshie AIR induced air), and I thought IIT transforms everyone … Continue reading

So what do you guys do to just chill?

I was talking to a friend a mine some time back about life at IITB, our hostels what we do etc. etc. She asked me: “so do you go clubbing?” – Nope! “Do you guys go partying?” umm…Nope! (not in the conventional sense at least 😛 ) “So what do you guys do to just … Continue reading

I’ll ALWAYS remember

” There are places I’ll remember, All my life.. Though some have changed, Some forever not for better, Some have gone… And some remain, All these places have their moments.. With lovers and friends, I still can recall…. In my Life, I love them all …..” This Beatles number sums up my feelings at this … Continue reading

Sleep Deprived

Sleep is a very important but highly undervalued entity in IIT Bombay.  I mean, 4 hours of sleep per day on an average is considered normal ! And with 6-7 hrs of sleep I would consider myself lucky to be able to sleep so much! This might seem extreme, but  4 hours a day is … Continue reading

How to screw up a Song in 3 easy steps

I performed at Goonj (Hindi Band event IIT Bombay) last week, and was watching the music videos of the event. And of all the things that people learn from Jams and Performances, this is what I learned: Step 1: Don’t do a sound check Step 2: Hire a sound-guy who forgets to turn up the … Continue reading